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Save costs and time with an optimal planning

Supply chains are becoming increasingly complex. Deploying your drivers and trucks with maximum efficiency requires complete control over your logistics planning. 

By linking our mobile (on-board computer) solution with the back-office system, we provide planners with realtime information about the location and status of the entire fleet. This ensures increased efficiency for planners as well as cost savings on fuel. In addition, the historical information allows you to analyze in which areas (route) optimization is possible. 

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  • Accurate ETAs: Increase customer satisfaction  by providing transparent information on the drivers’ current status and estimated arrival times.
  • Complete overview: Increase productivity and efficiency by having all information about your fleet in one place.
  • Enhanced flexibility: Communicate easily and quickly with drivers via the chat function, including automated translations as well as the possibility to integrate our other modules.
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  • Increased safety: Guarantee timely responses to calamities or changes in traffic, and limit the risk of accidents by enabling alerts and route adjustments.
  • Better service: Easily comply with tax regulations by automated registrations of kilometres.
  • More efficient communication: Enable drivers to fully focus their attention on the road while clearly communicating without the need for calling back and forth. 

Track and Trace at the office

Our solution shows the exact locations of all your vehicles (as well as trailers and objects) by using GPS tracking. In turn, real-time information, such as the travelled route or the exact location of the drivers, is shared with fleet managers. 

This route information can also be stored digitally, eliminating the dependency on the  drivers’ familiarity with particular routes. As such, training is no longer needed. This results in a more flexible planning and cost savings. 

Track and Trace on the road

In addition to accessing order information, drivers can use the on-board computer to easily register the start and end times of their shifts, the waiting times when unloading, or their breaks. 

The solution also reduces the risk of accidents by generating routes that avoid certain areas completely or at certain times of the day. For example, the navigation will avoid routes near schools during pick-up and drop-off times. 

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Track and Trace onthe Prometheus Platform:

  • Hardware independent;
  • Automated (and customizable) notifications;
  • Real-time insights into the current status, location and historical information. Available at service level, per truck;
  • Simple and direct communication between drivers and fleet managers (including automated translations);
  • Digital and shared route information;

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