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Optimal control over your temporary charters at all times

Looking for the ideal solution for occassionally rented charters? Our charter soltion facilitates easy communication, order management and progress control with an easy-to-use web application.

When you don’t rent your charters frequently, equipping them with a fully-fledged mobile solution is often not viable and cost-efficient. But exchanging information with them might be beneficial for your business. The app does just that; providing your clients with a secure online environment in which they can easily track the charters that are intended for them.  

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Charter app benefits

  • Easily send orders and track their progress
  • Ready-to-use application
  • Complete more orders
  • Create optimal visibility; over your own as well as rented trucks
  • Guaranteed data security
  • Easy communication via a mobile application;
  • Access to a secure environment;
  • Unnecessary storage is prevented;
  • Suitable for Android.

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