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Save costs and guarantee safer journeys

A positive change in the driver’s behavior on the road results in safer traffic and cost savings on fuel, tire wear and fleet maintenance. That’s the philosophy behind our configurable driving style analysis solution, which can be easily integrated into our mobile solution.

While your drivers focus on their braking behavior and speed limits, planners get access to various reports via the portal. Reports that support your organization in realizing a positive change in driving behavior within your entire fleet. 


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  • Safer journeys: Make sure your drivers stay safe, and coach them based on insights into behaviors such as accelerating too fast or braking too hard.
  • Driving behavior as a selling point: Improve your customer relationships with your drivers’ exemplary driving behavior.
  • Real-time feedback: Create a more efficient driving style together with your drivers, based on fixed parameters of your choice.
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  • Complete insight: Maintain a clear overview per truck or per driver, and keep track of the timing for scheduled maintenance.
  • Reduced costs: Save on fuel, maintenance, and insurance costs as your drivers reach their destinations more efficiently and safely.
  • Reduced CO2 emissions: Keep track of emissions with various reports and reduce emissions per vehicle.

Driving style analysis - at the office

The driving style analysis solution helps planners get insight into drivers’ behaviour on the road. The analysis and assessment collect information on the vehicle type, executed tasks, and behaviours that are actually influenceable. 

Extensive reports support your planners in managing your drivers. This results in increased safety in traffic, as well as a structural reduction of fuel consumption and maintenance costs. 

Driving style analysis - on the road

While on the road, drivers receive real-time feedback on their driving habits via the mobile (on-board computer) solution. 

Based on this feedback, drivers can immediately adjust their driving behaviour where necessary. Additionally, by assigning grades to their driving habits, drivers are often motivated to improve their driving performance and thus, their grades. 

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Driving style analysis on the Prometheus Platform:

  • Clear overviews of drivers’ grades available to planners.
  • Reports subdivided in acceleration, braking behavior, idling, speed, coasting, and cruise control use.
  • Comparison based on vehicle type and service type.
  • Detailed reports available per year, day or hour.
  • Insight into trends: did driving performance decrease, increase, or remain the same?
  • Insight into the registered incidents per time and location, giving the driver reference points when discussing the results.
  • Profile (behavior) accurately adjustable per vehicle.

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