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Save time on wage and expense calculations

The calculation of wages, expenses and (irregularity) allowances is a complex and time-consuming task that requires the consideration of many different aspects.

Ensure correct remuneration for the entire organization within one program. Following our Management by Exception principle, the user is only informed when deviations occur. Payroll administration becomes more efficient, and administrative employees can focus on solely checking instead of entering and correcting hours. 

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  • Increased convenience: Simplify the administrative tasks for your drivers with paperless and automated hour registration.
  • Correct pay: Always guarantee a correct compensation based on the actual working hours.
  • Satisfied customers: Easily account for all hours worked and absences.
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  • Simple processing: Work faster thanks to automated payroll administration with various integrated collective labor agreements.
  • Fewer mistakes: Avoid mistakes and duplication with automated checks.
  • Complete insight: Allocate the correct remuneration and (ride) allowances with the integration of our mobile software and automated location tracking.

Compensation management at the office

Our solution automatically checks whether the data has been entered correctly. If errors are detected, a message appears in the portal informing your administrative personnel which data to correct. In addition to standardized alerts about irregularities, company-specific alerts are also possible. 

Compensation management on the road

The compensation management solution is available for drivers as well as non-driving personnel. All your employees can easily access their personal timesheets in an online portal. 

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Compensation management on the Prometheus Platform:

  • Registration of various activities, hours, personnel groups, journey types, functions, wage scale, overtime, allowances and expenses;
  • After checking, processing and pre-payments, the data is linkedto your salary administration program, in which the final payment takes place;
  • Suitable for various collective labor agreements;
  • Automated exports of XML, CSV or text files, with which the hours are easily uploaded into your payroll;
  • Automated checks for incorrect data and automated reporting options such as an End of Day Report (EDR) or week/period overview (salary schedule);
  • Also available for non-driving personnel.

Facts & numbers

saved per month per employee due to registrations of accurate working hours on the on-board computer

euro saved per vehicle due to effectively determining the locations on the on-board computer


less expenses spend on temporary workers due to better registration and insights

Learn more about our compensation management solution

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