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Save costs and time with optimal waste collection

Our complete solution for the waste, environment and recycling sector provides insights based on high-quality data. This creates a transparent logistics process. And by connecting our back-office solution with our mobile software in your trucks, waste collection becomes easily managable. Optimize your processes with all necessary data collected in real-time. 

Your drivers are supported by integrated peripherals. With the help of weighing systems, elevators and RFID container recognition, identifying and tracking containers becomes faster and more reliable. As a result, the risk of losing containers is minimized, and no time is lost searching for them. 

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  • No time wasted: Increase drivers’ productivity by minimizing the time needed to find the right containers.
  • Optimal routes: Make sure drivers don’t waste time driving past empty containers.
  • Increased convenience: Easily pass on previously stored route information to new drivers without the need for training.
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  • Billing according to actual use: Keep track of the exact amount of waste that is collected, while taxing citizens and business customers fairly.
  • Optimal insights: Get a grip on your entire  operation and gain insight into the stock levels at all locations.
  • Cost savings: Optimize your process based on the large amount of data collected by our software.

Efficient waste management

To help you achieve the most efficient waste management process, our solutions focus on the following aspects: registered collection, container management, guided navigation and digital acceptance process. These can be used separately, as one solution, or combined with one or more of our other solutions.

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Our innovative solution for registered waste collection integrates with our mobile software platform and can be used for identifying and registering all container types. This information is then transparently outlined within the container management system. 

The following data is collected by our solution: 

  • The weight of the container;
  • The (GPS) position of the container;
  • The time and duration of emptying the container.

Our Guided Navigation solution supports drivers with route-oriented activities, such as door-to-door collection, emptying of (underground and aboveground) containers, sweeping services and cleaning gullies. 

Planners receive real-time insights into the routes taken, as well as the drivers’ current locations. In addition, the proof needed to guarantee the quality of your services is immediately available. 

Within Guided Navigation, all route information is stored digitally, eliminating the dependency on drivers’ familiarity with different routes. Drivers no longer need to be trained on a particular route. This increases the flexibility within your planning and saves costs.  

In addition, the solution reduces the risk of accidents by avoiding certain areas completely or at certain times of the day. For example, the navigation will avoid routes near schools during pick-up and drop-off times.  

Gain optimal insights into your waste collection with our container management system. In addition to standard information such as address (GPS coordinates) and time of last emptying, the software also retrieves data about the containers’ weights, ‘white-‘ or ‘blacklisted’ containers, and the number of times a container is emptied. The solution also takes empty containers into account when creating and planning orders, which increases the efficiency within your process. 

By linking the container management system to your billing system, citizens and business customers are charged for their exact amount of waste. By leveraging the large quantities of high-quality data in the system, you gain a competitive advantage by facilitating your customers’ needs and reaching your environmental goals to the maximum extend. 

Our solutions include digitizing the acceptance process at a landfill or recycling centre. This is fully in line with the process of accepting waste streams. This solution is suitable for all types of landfills, and provides merchants, weighbridge personnel and executives insight into the acceptance process, while also serving as evidence. As a result, unnecessary discussions with customers are avoided, and you do not incur costs that are outside your responsibility. 

Waste management on the Prometheus Platform:

  • Hardware independent, fully mobile waste management solution;
  • Can be tailored to your company-specific wishes and integrated into your existing software landscape;
  • Possibility to connect with back-office and billing systems;
  • Easily expandable with functionalities from our other software solutions;
  • Differentiated rates can be set per waste provider;
  • Aanbieders kunnen worden ingedeeld in ‘blacklists’ en ‘whitelists’.

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