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Plan optimal routes quickly and intuitively

When complexity of your logistics operation increases, so does the challenge faced by dispatchers. Managing tasks and trips quickly turns into a dreadful and time-consuming job. So how can you ensure an efficient planning and optimally alocated routes?

A planning tool offers the solution. Dispatchers gain complete insight and control over the entire fleet. With access to all information in one view, managing tasks and drivers is easy and effective. This not only decreases the pressure on the dispatcher, but also ensures that your fleet is both cost and time efficient.

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  • Optimal planning: Get the most out of each driver’s available hours and ensure that each order is handled qickly and effectively.
  • Complete clarity: Inform drivers in a timely and accurate manner with automated daily emails.
  • Always up-to-date: Communicate with drivers easily by sending updates directly to the on-board computer.
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  • Complete insights: Make choices based on multiple points of informations; including availability of personnel, vehicle type, orders, task duration, driving and rest regulations, and more.
  • More efficient planning: Get the most out of each available driver and vehicle.
  • Managing orders easier than ever: Work quickly and flexibly with the drag-and-drop functionality in one overview.

Dispatch at the office

The dispatch tool offers the dispatcher maximum support and control. For each route, the optimal deployment of vehicles and drivers is recommended. This includes the consideration of different perspectives and information. 

In addition, repetitive assignments are automatically scheduled based on the desired frequency. 

The tool also includes dispatching of orders for recycling centres, depending on the service that hass been agreed upon in advance. 

Dispatch on the road

All fleet insights are accessible in a real-time overview within our Visibility Platform. The platform is linked to the driver’s on-board computer, providing drivers with direct updates. Drivers can also rely on accurate ETAs, including a calculation of their available drive and rest times. 

Moreover, drivers receive timely information on their next day’s planning via email or a central overview screen. 

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Dispatch op het Prometheus Platform:

  • Drag-en-drop functionality with convenient filetering options;
  • Seamless integrations with other solutions such as order management, drive en rest times, containter management, and more!;
  • Options for automatic scheduling; 
  • All-in-one view of all data; e.g., order, vehicle type, availability of drivers, driver coupling, collection routes, loaders, schedules, ‘best choice’ for driver per route, and more;
  • Easy-to-manage routes on the on-board computer.

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