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Avoid fines with up-to-date drive and rest times at all times

Legislations for drive and rest times are complex, leading to dispatchers being faced with an increasingly challenging task to plan the optimal routes. 

An inefficient logistics planning cannot only result in wasted resources, but also in fines and penalties. Our solution combines current legislations with tachograph data, resulting in complete insight into drivers’ drive and rest times. Getting a grip on your planning and avoiding fines has never been easier.  


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  • Comply with legislations: Avoid fines as drivers receive timely alerts when the available drive times are about to be exceeded.
  • Better planning insight: Increase driver productivity with timely information when the planning changes.
  • Fast communication: Increase road safety by sending messages directly to the on-board computer.
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  • More efficient planning: Ensure your planning always seamlessly fits with drivers’ available drive times. 
  • Avoid fines: Respect legislations and avoid not only fines, but also penalty points and ERRU registrations.
  • No wasted resources: In case a driver is short of driving time, adjust the planning easily by dispatching another driver who still has time available.

Drive and time management at the office

Our software supports dispatchers with real-time insight into drivers’ routes and availability of their drive and rest times, as outlined by the law. When changes occur, orders are easily adjusted, and drivers are automatically informed. This ensures a significant decrease in accidents and fines. The result? Grip on the operation and an efficient planning. 

Download tachograph data remotely

Our solution allows you to access different types of digital tachographs remotely (via the on-board computer). Easily download, archive and analyze the mass memory of all digital tachographs and driver cards. As your entire fleet’s data can be accessed remotely all at once, this leads to significant time savings. 

Drive and rest management on the road

Our solution eliminates the need for drivers to monitor their drive and rest times. Simply insert the driver’s card into the tachograph and start the journey. When its time to rest, an alert appears on the on-board computer, so drivers know exactly when and for how long they need to rest. This information is also received at the back-office, making adjusting the (order) planning or dispatching another driver quick and easy. 

Built on the Prometheus platform

Prometheus Platform
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Drive and rest time management on the Prometheus Platform:

  • Automated alerts and notifications while on the road;
  • Insight into real-time locations and historical route information;
  • Simple and direct communication between drivers and office personnel;
  • No confusion about the rest times;
  • Evidence for drivers’ compliance with the legislation.

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